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We upgraded our Immunity Lab capability to test to the 4th Edition medical EMC standard which became mandatory on 1/1/2019, specifically the Table 9 Radiated Immunity requirements.

This involved a new horn antenna from ETS Lindgren (Model 3119) that operates over the range of 385 MHz to 6 GHz and new RF Amplifiers. The new antenna is mounted on a wheeled antenna mast to easily adjust the distance to the uniform field area, while a custom mount allows for easy rotation from horizontal to vertical polarity. This antenna in conjunction with two new RF Amplifiers from 80 MHz to 6 GHz, specifically the Teseq CBA 1G-300B, and IFI S61-100 generates higher field strengths for the new medical device directive EMC standard.

Another purchase was a new battery powered fiber optic color camera immune to the higher radiated fields generated per the new standard.