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The completion of the human genome sequencing in 2001 triggered a technological explosion in life science equipment. Manufacturers are constantly developing new tools for analysis and research, leading to the development of In-Vitro Diagnostic equipment.

This equipment is used in a wide variety of electromagnetic environments, such as:

Clinical Laboratories / Industrial Laboratories / Research Laboratories / College Laboratories, Medical Laboratories

Equipment (Scientific Instruments) we have tested include:

DNA Sequencers, Cell Imaging and Microscopy Equipment, Blood Analysis, Microplate Readers (Multi-mode and Absorbance), Liquid Handling (Microplate Washers, Dispensers & Pipetting Systems), Pathology Imaging Systems, Protein Characterization System, In Vivo Imaging System, Nucleic Acid Analyzer, X Ray Imaging Systems.

The test requirements for EMC environment are broken into two subcategories: Emissions and Immunity. Varying levels of immunity are required to ensure safe and effective performance, depending on the intended use of the device.


Electromagnetic emissions start with the radio frequency energy generated in a product via clocks, oscillators, processors and switching power supplies. This “noise” is then coupled out the power back onto the power line in the form of Conducted Emissions. Then, it flows out of the enclosure, on power and I/O cables into free space environment around the product known as Radiated Emissions.

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Just as products are improving and standards are advancing, so too must the testing facility. As evidenced by our recent updates, we are committed to consistently improving our laboratory.

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Electromagnetic Immunity refers to the built-in safeguards to protect a device against Conducted and Radiated Emissions. Immunity tests include Electro Static Discharge (ESD), Radiated RF Immunity (RFI), Electrical Fast Transients (EFT), Lightning Surge (Surge), Conducted RF Immunity (CRFI), Power Frequency Magnetic Fields (Mag), Voltage Dips, Interruptions and Short Variations (VDips).

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We’re accredited and certified by all necessary governing bodies, and capable of performing compliance testing on a global scale!

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